• Building a strategic development
  • Plan is vital, as the tactics game
  • Take advantage of any investment
  • Plan a investment for future

The first version, Statigram, was released one week after the initial idea was discussed and was a one page service of approx. 10 Instagram statistics.

Fast forward a week and it had 20,000 subscribers and was growing by the day. By 2015 there were 10 million registered users and it ranked among the top 800 websites in the world.

As the use of Instagram grew so did Statigram, changing its name to Iconosquare and releasing a beta pro version for professional users whilst still maintaining a free version for the public.

Iconosquare really took off in 2016 becoming an official Instagram partner and shutting down the public version of the platform following updates to Instagram’s Ts and Cs. The company grew rapidly and so did the need for a second office with more staff to maintain a high level of customer service and continued product development.

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